Digitalia Records
Beatus Sinclair, Elmo Townsend, Eureka Brown
 (The) Digitalia Records (Band), named after the free download/vinyl only record label conceptualized by Eureka Brown (and realized by this blog "label") - from Chambana, in Montana

"Eureka Brown, the closest thing CU has to the mysterious band member mystique that comes with a band like the Gorillaz..." - Buzz Magazine

Eureka Brown has a new collection of solo recordings as (The) Digitalia Records (Band) - yes, Digitalia Records is the name of his ever evolving band! Joined now by Elmo "Motown" Townsend and Beatus "Beatbox" Sinclair for live and/or touring purposes, and a sophomore record, Digitalia Records is available to perform music festivals and special events by request - the bigger the event, the bigger the band (get in touch)! 

The 2017 debut O Utopia is available now on hand-etched holographic "Hologroove" vinyl, and as a free download mini-album worldwide. As with prior Digitalia efforts, the mp3 version was released incrementally - early mixes became available immediately upon completion, until the album was finished and revised for its final release. Due to the additional steps required at the manufacturing plant, and the care taken to perfect the hand-etched holograms, the physical release on black 33's arrived several months after the digital format, on May 1st 2017.

B-Side Hologroove