Digitalia Records O Utopia 2017 Hologroove Vinyl Front Cover
Digitalia Records O Utopia 2017 Hologroove Final Cover Back

Notes: O Utopia is yours if you want it, but don't be content with a mere digital copy alone. The super limited vinyl, released May 1st on black 33's, features exclusive hand-etched holograms by fellow CU native Tristan Duke (Lazaretto/Star Wars) of Infinity Light Science. And at just 20 bucks a pop, you might well get your money's worth. While the more widespread free download version, entirely self produced with an old school copy of DP4, a vintage G5, and one Shure 57, was made with a resourceful thriftiness conducive to its crowd pleasing price tag, by the same token, Digitalia Records affords the luxury of owning the rarest Hologroove LP on the block!

Stylistically similar to the lo-fi Eureka Brown mini-albums that garnered recognition from both Dandelion Radio and BBC ("heavy percussion, analogue synthesizers, dub effects, vocal harmonies, acoustic guitar, twangy surf guitar & funk bass"), the difference in sound is distinguished mainly by a significant reduction in effects, as well as the addition of strings, banjo and elements of turntablism. And whereas previous Eureka Brown activities were basically solo efforts from start to finish, (The) Digitalia Records (Band) was founded expressly with the idea of recruiting musicians to sufficiently fulfill the rolls for live and/or touring purposes.

Yes! The name, Digitalia Records, which was first used exclusively in reference to the free download/vinyl only label initiated by Eureka Brown in 2007, has been applied also to the artist for the project now, not only to affirm the distinction of its band oriented direction, but especially to emphasize the terminology already familiar to observers of the Digitalia cosmology, the unique holographic vinyl representing the ultimate realization of the much anticipated physical release end of the spectrum - it is the 5th Hologroove LP ever created. 

And whereas world-class predecessor pieces like Duke's Millennium Falcon and Tie Fighter are faithful renditions of preexisting designs, these holograms especially reflect the signature drawing style of their inventor, blending seamlessly with the artwork he co-illustrated on the center label of the vinyl. Other highlights include a unique string enhanced rendition of recently unearthed archival piece "Knute's Tune" by legendary CU sax maestro Guido Sinclair, and Festive Fifty #41 "We're All Gonna Die" as featured on Mark Whitby's September Dandelion Radio show and blog.