Named after the free download/vinyl only label conceptualized by Eureka Brown; (The) Digitalia Records (Band) is a trio, consisting also of multi-instrumentalist Elmo Townsend and percussionist Beat Sinclair.

The 2017 Digitalia Records debut O Utopia is out now on super limited Hologroove vinyl, hand etched by Tristan Duke of Infinity Light Science (Lazaretto/Star Wars), and as a totally unlimited free download mini-album worldwide. As with prior Digitalia efforts that garnered both Dandelion Radio and BBC recognition, the mp3 version was leaked incrementallyearly mixes were uploaded in successive intervals, over a span of years, until the album was completed and revised for its final release. But the Hologroove LP, released May 1st on black 33's, is the first physical release in the ten year history of the blog.