Future Vision of the Digital Universe Lyric Sheet
Notes: Future Vision of the Digital Universe was recorded on a G5 with Digital Performer 4, a four channel mixer and a Shure 57. The instrumental Dear Heavens, was released first, with the artist name appearing simply as a dash symbol on MySpace. There was also an instrumental, untitled version of Hurricane Eureka which The Invisible had been experimenting with at Mass Music rehearsals, and two underdeveloped early tracks, Learn to Fly and Everything You Know is Useless, that were scrapped, but the sound that would define the project didn't really take shape until Sketch, Oh Me Oh My, and Make It Stop were all constructed in post production from the same drum session. The defining soft vocal delivery style that was subsequently employed for the rest of the album was initially a consequence of the shared living arrangement of a duplex, but it was immediately recognized that its blend with that rhythmically propelled, reverb drenched synth pop was a recipe for success, and the male to female spectral effect that punctuated the melodies became the signature, colorful Eureka Brown sound. 

Locals quickly took notice, and an attempt was made to recruit Eureka Brown for production purposes by a prominent CU rapper, but there was no time to spare; the free download label concept was in full swing. Boosted by a guest appearance from Tom Paynter of Desafinado, recorded at Mass Music @ Parasol Records, the first five tracks were released via MySpace on June 23rd, 2007, months before the world had even the faintest notion of Radiohead's free download album, In Rainbows, that was about to drop. Against a body of peers generally dismissive of the scheme, a determination to embrace the development of technology and use it advantageously, rather than fight it ineffectually, was fervently maintained. Recognition was achieved with Abbey Road recording artists The Bees who responded enthusiastically in the comments section, and the rest of the album was released on Halloween a few weeks after the idea of an instantaneous free download album took center stage with the widespread success of In Rainbows.