Notes: Following the departure of drummer Chris Black, The Invisible regrouped as Royal Electric about a year later with ex-Bellcaster drummer Michael Allen. The  five Royal Electric songs that were uploaded to Myspace were actually from a Mass Music session with Chris Black shortly before he left The Invisible, but basic tracks for a full length Royal Electric album with Mike Allen that was never finished were also recorded with Todd Reising at Mass before the band split in 2007, the same day as the first Eureka Brown show. The most notable Royal Electric performance was at the third annual Pygmalion Music Festival in Champaign-Urbana. The song I Told You So on the Eureka Brown album Digitalia was a reworking of a song that had originally been recorded for Royal Electric, while the song Just Like That on the 2017 Digitalia Records album utilizes the main riff and first verse from an unfinished Royal Electric song - Phil Summers also later develop his own version titled It's So Easy.