Notes: Digitalia is the sophomore solo album by Eureka Brown (Musician). It was almost entirely self produced on a G5 desktop with Digital Performer 5, a Yamaha four channel mixer, and a Shure 57—the beats were mostly sampled from a session with The Deebster at Mass Music and later constructed into arrangements as the songs were developed in post production over the course of a year. An earlier drum session was recorded at Broadway Haus, where BRC members like Cornbread and Krukid regularly performed, and where the second episode of the Duckman Show was filmed. DB arrived on the scene the day after the Future Vision Halloween release in 2007 and played drums live in support of the album, simultaneously joining BRC house band The Sugar Gliders, while the Digitalia songs were being produced independently by Eureka Brown at Polehouse. With weekly rehearsals established at Mass Music in the back of Parasol, he had supplied a "treasure chest" full of beats on an external hard drive, cutting loose for a few hours to a metronome set at about five different tempos. The songs were developed rapidly following the excitement of airplay on BBC from Tom Robinson's Introducing: Fresh On The Net show that "handpicked" Full Speed Ahead for the number two position of the Wk 33 episode in 2008. The Bees also placed Eureka Brown in their top friends on Myspace and numerous songs were in rotation at Dandelion Radio with DJs such as Andrew Morrison and Mark Whitby—who ultimately counted Digitalia among his Listen To Me top ten favorite albums of 2009.

 The fee download, which was distributed digitally via MySpace with a RapdiShare link and YouTube music video that doubled as an instructional tutorial, achieved universal acclaim with the dozen or more underground bloggers that covered it, landing an interview on the now defunct Rebuilding Year blog within a week or two of 4AD artist Tune-Yards. But after a Sled Island Music Festival invitation fell through amidst talks of an expanded line-up that would have included members of The Sugar Gliders, The Deebster decided to try his luck in Los Angeles and a final Eureka Brown show was performed solo with Krukid on September 11th of 2009. While the exponentially more widespread digital version of the album included two animated versions of the album cover (in the Artwork tab on iTunes), ten physical CD-R copies were mailed to the Bees, one copy for every Bee, with a hand written letter signed "Yours truly, Eureka Brown," and a hundred more were made to be freely distributed in LA, but most were inexplicably lost. The label/genre/"mini-movement" was named after the album, which especially exemplified the lo-fi Dub-Pop sound, and the current band was named after the label which had been poised also to handle the free download releases of The High Street Orchestra, Royal Electric, and The Invisible prior to its seven year hiatus, which ended in 2016 with the digital release of O Utopia.